Protect Foods from Cold Weather

There are some foods that can be used in cold weather and can be avoided with colds, dry coughs, and fever. According to nutritionists, colds should be treated with colds only, and these foods are delicious. And are also hot ineffectiveness, can be protected from repeated illnesses by the use of them.

Winter Foods you should eat to Prevent Cold:

If foreign countries are reviewed, there are also fresh milk and fresh fruits given to children in schools. Physical headaches are now being wiped out in our children. The playing fields are now empty. We have abandoned exercise in our lives, and computer games are becoming more important.

Market bread and vegetables:

As winter begins, fresh, colorful, delicious, and healthy vegetables are available in the market. Eat these vegetables with millet bread instead of wheat, millet is also a treatment for joint pain, large amounts of magnesium in millet. Piazza Tahoe, which is also useful for heart health, maintains cholesterol levels balanced by the pods and fibers in it and helps to circulate blood properly.

Sleep Well:

Overuse of fried foods causes fast heart disease due to obesity. Now younger people are suffering from these diseases because they have given up exercise. Wake up late at night and wake up late in the day. We have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are times when mobile phones are beneficial. Sitting in front of more computers is also damaging. Young generation and young children are increasingly addicted to mobile. Now the old games have collapsed, which used to breed exercise.

Digest Your Food:

Old-fashioned people were indeed eager to eat and have a meal. They were digested in a few hours because there was nothing available at that time. Children have also heard that the stomach of a human being was strong. The example of the digestive tract of the wood comes to them. Eat everything in the world of young people. Very important, and this is only possible when you exercise on a daily basis.

Eat many mineral and fiber-rich millet pieces of bread in the winter and eat them with lentils or vegetables.

Cornbread and greens:

If corn flour is hot in effect, make cornbread and use it with winters famous and delicious diet sauce, vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin, beta carotene, and selenium found in rich sauces. While it is also useful for digestion, including skin, hair, heart, and brain health, greens are also beneficial for immune.

Clarified butter:

Simultaneous use of jaggery and clarified butter is beneficial for colds and colds, grinding jaggery and cooking in clarified butter becomes a delicious dessert which can be eaten after eating or with millet bread, the mixture is hot in effect. While indigestion relieves constipation and intestinal dryness and improves digestion.

 Black Lentils:

Queen lentil is available every season. If it is eaten in the winter with maize or grapefruit bread, then it has two flavors. Black lentils can also be used with rice, black lentils. It helps keep the skin and hair roots moist, including preventing kidney stones.

Sesame Seeds:

Sesame seeds are hot in the winter, the use of sesame seeds in the winter increases, melting the jaggery and mixing sesame seeds in many ways makes sweets, which are preferred in winter. Sesame is also useful for eyesight, skin, and bones. Using oil can slow the aging process and accelerate hair growth.

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