How To Increase Immunity Against Corona?

Corona’s monster has its claws all over the world. Millions of people have fallen victim to it. The disease is spreading rapidly in Asia as well. People in Asia who have been victims of Corona. Most of them have no symptoms. Ninety percent of them already have a disease such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, or stroke, or cancer. More worryingly, doctors and paramedics are suffering from corona despite taking all precautionary measures. Recently, there have been cases in which death occurred within two to three days after diagnosis. Despite all this, it should be borne in mind that other common diseases such as bacterial infections, viral infections like dengue, hepatitis C, B, and corona are also viral infections.

What Happened If low immunity:

People who have low immunity. It affects them more. If we look at the data of deaths from various diseases in the last three months, we find that in the last three months, there have been fewer deaths from Corona in the Corona pack worldwide than from other diseases.

As the following data shows

According to the latest data, there are currently 3.3 million Corona patients worldwide, of which 3.2 million are abroad. Only 2% of corona patients in Asia are in serious condition, the rest are in satisfactory condition. Now people are quarantined in their homes. Staying at home is better than staying in hospitals because hospitals do not provide the care that can be given at home. Only 5 to 10 percent of patients need to go to the hospital for monitoring. Therefore, it is better to take care of the patient at home through precautionary measures. Once corona is diagnosed, it is important that the patient is quarantined in a separate, well-ventilated room, avoiding contact with it.

How to Boost the Patient Immunity:

The patient’s immune system is severely weakened. For this reason, it is important to follow the following guidelines to boost the patient’s immunity:

  • The most important thing is that despite keeping the patient in a separate room, keep comforting him by keeping full contact with him through some means.
  • He should not feel that he is alone and that no one is taking care of him.
  • This can lead to depression with corona, and depression further weakens the patient’s immune system.
  • Remind the patient of Corona again and again that he will recover soon and will be with his family again.
  • If the patient of Corona is already suffering from any disease, then he should take the medicine of his first disease regularly on the advice of the doctor.
  • Do not increase or decrease the amount of medicine.

If there is any other disease with a corona that is not treated, the body’s immune system is further weakened, which increases the chances of being infected with corona.

  • Corona patients should abstain from smoking and alcohol completely.
  • Research has shown that they increase the risk of coronavirus infection.
  • The virus can spread rapidly to the lungs, especially through smoking.
  • To avoid the ravages of coronavirus infection and to live a healthy life in the future, make a commitment in quarantine to stop smoking and drinking.
  • Unnecessary and improper use of drugs in corona infections and even under normal circumstances can cause irreparable damage to health due to the side effects of these drugs.
  • Therefore, it is important to consult a doctor before using any medicine.
  • In case of fever, take only painkillers. There is no point in using arbitrary antibiotics or malaria drugs.
  • Patients with heart disease use the antimicrobial chloroquine drug, which can cause their heart to beat randomly.
  • To increase immunity, it is necessary that your digestive system is correct, so eat on an empty stomach. Avoid poultry foods.
  • Use as much fruit, vegetable, and soup as possible while in quarantine.
  • Use olive oil.
  • Increase the amount of turmeric in the curry.
  • Use fennel, mint, and ginger coffee.
  • Don’t make yourself completely static while still in quarantine.

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