The Intense Heat Now Competes With Food

The hypothalamus plays an important role in controlling the body temperature and protecting the human body from the effects of the weather. Any physical or climatic change disrupts its functions, causing our body to suffer from heatstroke, especially in summer. And in the summer face blood clots, gastrointestinal and skin problems.

Food plays an important role in protecting the body from the effects of heat. Watermelon is a miracle fruit. It provides our body with nutrients and hydrates as well as protects it from heat. The beneficial chemicals in it act as a natural sun blocker for the body. Similarly, cauliflower contains the best amount of amino acids and antioxidants. These protect the body from the sun’s harmful rays and improve the resistance to histidine.

What Food is Good in Intense Heat:

  • The king of lemons and fruits, mangoes contain the best amount of vitamin C, which protects the body’s cells against the sun’s harmful rays. Summer use of mint and yogurt is best for the stomach. The menthol in mint makes our body feel cool.
  • The beneficial bacteria present in yogurt solve our gastrointestinal problems and eliminate the heat of the liver.
  • Water consumption is at least 14-13 glasses for men and 13-12 glasses for women. Try to use potable water, as it has basic properties, and its temperature is best for the body. You can use Sutu syrup to best meet the water requirement of the body.
  • And tamarind, plum syrup, or melon seed cold can also be used. Use jaggery, sugar, or stevia instead of white sugar in drinks.
  • As tea and coffee cause dehydration and dehydration from your body cells. So use them sparingly in the summer. In summer, use less salt, pepper, fried, and less sweet foods. Because they are slow to digest, these substances disturb body temperature and produce heat in the liver. Improve your diet and take care of yourself and your family in hot weather.


Summer heatstroke can cause heatstroke. Excessive sweating in the heat also makes the body feel tired. Heatstroke occurs when the heat of the sun has to be endured for a long time. People who are not accustomed to the heat and hard work may soon develop a fever. Often fat people cannot stand the heat. If you are wearing more clothes or the room is closed, there is confinement and the movement of air is less, the effect of heat is quicker.

The Following Are Some Tips That Can Help You Stay Safe.

  • Take raw mangoes and fry them in the fire, then squeeze out the juice. Keep this juice safe. Use Gar syrup mixed in it as required. This syrup is cold in terms of effectiveness. Its use is said to be especially useful in cases of fever.
  • Boil a large mango, or bake. Then put it in cold water for a while and peel it and spread it like yogurt, put jaggery, cumin, coriander, salt, and black pepper in its pulp and mix it well, and mix water as required. Drink one cup three times a day, it is useful in the discomfort of heartburn.
  • Eating onions daily in summer is useful. Whenever you eat, eat onions with it.
  • To avoid the heat, you should drink coriander mixed with Egyptian water.
  • Drinking the juice of basil leaves mixed with Egyptians is beneficial in getting fever, dizziness.
  • Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and drink the crushed Egyptian to taste.
  • Solid tamarind pulp benefits from rubbing on the soles of the hands and feet.
  • Eat more mulberry.
  • It is useful to drink water frequently in the summer season.
  • It is useful to soak tamarind in water and drink its water.
  • In summer, cardamom can be kept in the mouth at all times to protect from heat.
  • Here are some tips to help you avoid heat stroke (sunstroke) in hot weather.
  • Drink plenty of water before leaving the house in the heat.

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