How To Protect Yourself From The Harmful Effects Of Global Warming.


Pollution is a serious problem nowadays. Where human health is being affected due to environmental pollution. Birds and buildings are also being damaged. Nature has kept the balance in the universe, and this balance is the guarantee of the survival of the universe. Man has disturbed this balance by damaging the environment around him. Man-made artificial resources for their own comfort have severely damaged the environment.


Various studies have shown that air pollution impairs a person’s ability to make decisions and can lead to various respiratory diseases, lung problems, high blood pressure and even mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It can also cause poor performance in schools, affecting children’s development and internal organs.

Individuals who may be more affected by air pollution. These include asthma and heart patients, pregnant women, those who work in the open air and the elderly, and diabetics in particular.

How To Stay Safe?

The real problem is that we wear masks to send the message that we are ready to breathe in polluted air,” says Frank Kelly, a professor of environmental health at the College of Air Pollution. While we need to change our lifestyle to eliminate pollution.

Although wearing a mask is a protective measure, it is not enough. So now the important question is. What is the best way to protect yourself from air pollution? The advice of environmental experts and scientists in this regard is given below.

Spend Time In The Green:

According to a study conducted at the British University of Essex, exercising or spending time in any lush environment improves mental health, and boosts self-esteem. Moments spent in the park can be useful in protecting against air pollution.

Exercise Early In The Morning:

The rate of air pollution is usually highest during rush hour. Eager for an outdoor X-ray size, set a workout time before seven or eight o’clock or go for a workout or a walk in the evening.

Indoor Plants:

Plants are useful not only in home renovation. But their unique style of decoration also makes the atmosphere of the house cheerful. Plants that improve the home atmosphere and calm the atmosphere include snacks plant, rubber plant, lucky bamboo, Chinese evergreen, cactus, Arica palm. These plants improve oxygen while cleaning the climate in the house. Not only that, these plants absorb benzene, nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, making it possible to remove dust and toxins from the house.

Breathing Exercises:

Respiratory exercises have a healthy effect on the human body, say breathing exercises at least three times a day. Physicians can provide appropriate guidance regarding exercises.

Water Pollution:

The second most common type of pollution after air pollution is “water pollution”. Like air, water is an essential element of human life. In the twentieth century, where water needs have multiplied due to the Industrial Revolution and population growth, clean drinking water is also becoming extinct. Water contains many different densities and substances. According to a careful review, the number of people who get sick due to contaminated water is higher than all other factors.

Gastrointestinal and liver diseases are spreading rapidly due to water pollution. Industrial waste is usually discharged into streams and rivers without being cleaned. Not only does this affect aquatic life, but by using such water for irrigation, many harmful chemicals are embedded in the roots of plants. Using such plants as food can pose serious risks to human health.

Ground Pollution:

Another major type of pollution is “groundwater pollution”. Pesticides are used on crops to increase agricultural yields, which increase yields, but the use of these pesticides significantly reduces the fertility of the topsoil. They also have harmful health effects on crops and plants.

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