Ways to Avoid Winter

Winter begins in November, and lasts until February. These months are usually the coldest. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Winter is good for the body in terms of health. Sick people should be treated this season, as early recovery is expected.

To prevent colds and diseases, it is important to take the following precautions:


In hot weather, bathing is done several times a day, but due to cold, people avoid bathing daily. People whose health cannot withstand the severity of the weather, do not bathe for weeks. There is a fear of getting pneumonia due to the cold, but not taking a bath for a long time is also harmful to health.

Make sure to sunbathe once a day. If there is no time or something is forbidden, then one should take a bath with lukewarm water once a day. If there is physical weakness or lack of strength in the body due to age, then you must take a bath at least once a week. Bathing speeds up the blood circulation, and increases the body’s ability to relax. If not bathed, the pores of the body remain closed, thus not only skin disorders arise, but also the physical development of the body is affected.


With the onset of winter should start using warm clothes. Since small and infants are physically and physically fragile. Therefore, even a gust of cold air can make them sick. So protect them more. Everyone should wear warm clothes according to their health and conditions and make special arrangements to protect the neck, chest and feet from the cold.


Since the winter season comes after the heat, and in the summer the appetite seems to decrease. Therefore, sweat is easily expelled from the body through wastes.

This way the body retains heat and energy. But in winter, when the air cools, the pores of the body close. So there is no sweating and the heating and energy system is not working properly. That is why it is necessary to eat more nutritious foods to maintain body heat. Therefore, people who are eager to eat and drink should eat fatty and hot foods in moderation.

Dry Fruits:

Eating nuts, almonds, peanuts and raisins in dried fruits gives warmth to the body. Since the ad increases this season. Therefore, heavy foods are also easily digested. This season is very suitable in terms of good food and happy clothes, so all kinds of healthy food can be eaten. So that this month of development does not become a hotbed of diseases. Milk, eggs, oatmeal and double bread are useful and suitable for breakfast.

Meat, fish, vegetables and fruits should be eaten at lunch and dinner. Hot spices can also be used in moderation. If possible, eat more fruit and less food in the afternoon, while dinner should be eaten early and on a full stomach, but avoid oily and heavy foods. Doctors have declared apples cheaper than carrots. This is a very useful diet of the season.

Carrot halva is also made and eaten in this season, which gives heat and energy to the body. It is important to eat adequate amounts of nutritious foods to maintain body temperature.


Don’t go out in the morning and evening in cold weather unnecessarily. Because it is very cold at night, do not sleep in an open field or in a completely closed room, but always keep a window or skylight open in the room.

Always keep your feet warm, as the physical condition of the feet greatly affects the body. If you are weak and can’t cope with the severity of the weather, sit in the sun and massage sesame oil on your body. If you can’t do this, then do light exercise in the open space according to your health.

The skin is most affected in winter, especially on days when it is very cold, as other organs are hidden in clothes, shoes and socks. Therefore, the skin of the face becomes dry and cracked. Applying glycerin is useful for such people. Some people have itchy skin, they should use a mixture of glycerin and rose water.

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