What Is An Allergy?


Twelve-year-old Abdullah would have a sore throat whenever he went out in the cold, and it would be so bad that he would have difficulty breathing. He would suffocate and start coughing, but when he returned home he would stop coughing. Abdullah was seen at the hospital by an allergist, who diagnosed him with asthma as a cold.

He said there was no cure for the condition, but he was giving Abdullah a medicine that would give him some relief. According to the expert’s instructions, Abdullah would take medicine before leaving the house and cover his mouth and nose well with a handkerchief and wear gloves. There are many people like Abdullah who get allergies in cold weather. Allergies related to winter are caused or exacerbated by the following factors.

Low Temperature:

Many people insist that they are allergic to cold. However, experts say that they are not actually allergic to cold, but rather that it stimulates their allergies and this movement causes various sensory reactions, such as leaf biting and respiratory problems. It is usually treated by specialists with drugs that can stop the reaction or reduce its severity.

Dry Air:

One problem that occurs in colder weather is that dry air exacerbates allergy symptoms. Especially in patients who are allergic to dust, mildew, mildew or similar household items.

Moisture generating devices or distillation systems can be used for this purpose. Patients with this type of allergy are given antibiotics. In most cases the sensory response can be severe, and the problem can be severe. There are also patients who become allergic to a variety of drugs and it is their turn to find a medicine that they can take without any risk.

The patient also needs to take antibiotics and cannot find a drug that can be given to him without any risk. Then the sensitivity in such a patient has to be eliminated. This process takes place in such a way that the patient is given very small doses of the drug. So that his body starts accepting it or becomes accustomed to it and when it starts to happen, then the dose is gradually increased.

Cigarette smoke:

In cold weather people spend more time in the rooms. Therefore, those who smoke, their habit fills the room with smoke, which puts children at higher risk of respiratory disease and other types of allergies.


Pollen has nothing to do with winter allergies, but it’s not uncommon for winter pollen to be in the air at all.

In the last days of January there is so much zircon in the air, which is enough to cause a reaction in more sensitive people. The strange thing, however, is that patients who suffer from frostbite. The most dangerous weather for them is summer, because if they take a bath with cold water in this season, they can have a sudden and severe reaction.


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