Why is junk food unhealthy?


Junk food or fast food has greatly affected our traditional foods. We are so busy now that we don’t have time to sit back and eat. We just run and shake our heads. The reason I am interested in eating burgers, pizza, and fried chips is that these items become available immediately and also temporarily avert hunger.

We are eaten regardless of their harmful effects on human health. The habit of eating pizza, burgers, shawarma, etc. is very common, especially among the youth. Young people are attracted to fast food items in advertisements in such a way that they are losing the taste of traditional food.

Fast foods have the following harmful effects on our individual and collective lives.


The amount of calories in fast food is excessive. When the body gets so many calories from one tail, then the body starts to swell. This disease slows down the body and greatly affects our daily performance. Young children who are addicted to fast food and chocolates often become obese.

Heart Disease:

According to experts, people who eat fast food four or more times a week are more likely to have heart disease. Fast food items are high in fat, which raises cholesterol in the blood. In this way, the circulatory system is affected and pushes the person to the brink of death.


Fast-food and cheap food items are also causing diabetes. These affect the movement of the human body and increase weight, which increases the chances of diabetes.

Digestive Wounds:

Fast foods are also a major cause of digestive ulcers or peptic ulcers. Medical experts believe that spicy foods are causing stress and ulcers. Pizza, chips, and high-salt snacks also fall into this category.

Isolated Food:

This is a social problem. Now everyone quenches their hunger with fast food at work or anywhere along the way.

That’s why families now rarely get together at the dinner table. Obviously, this has a bad effect on our social relationships and family life.

Untimely Eating:

It is important to eat according to the schedule set for a healthy body. Fast food is easily found anywhere at any time. So now the effect people eat regardless of time, which is very harmful to the balance of our body.

Waste Of Money:

Apart from traditional natural foods, the trend of fast food and hotelling is also not economically pleasing. This is why we have to incur unnecessary expenses, which severely affects our budget.

Mental Stress:

According to experts, excess fat and caffeine affect the body in many ways. It directly affects blood pressure, liver function, and blood cells. This in turn leads to stress.


The sleep of young people who eat junk food frequently is severely affected. A study by the University of Queensland found that an excess of junk food is one of the main causes of sleep disorders in adults.

Asad Khan, an associate professor at the University of Queensland, says this is the first global study to find a link between unhealthy eating habits and sleep disorders caused by stress. School students participated. Research has shown that young people who use soft drinks a lot have a higher rate of insomnia-related problems.

Adolescents who drank three soft drinks a day reported 55 percent more sleep disturbances. Similarly, men who eat fast food more than four days a week. They have a 55% higher rate of sleep disturbances and disturbances than those who eat fast food one day a week. Dr. Asad Khan says that sleep-related complaints among young people or teenagers in low-income countries are related to the use of junk food.


Complaints such as insomnia are common among young people who eat fast food five days a week. Similarly, the rate of sleep-related complaints caused by junk food is even higher in high-income countries. He says that sleep disturbances affect mental abilities during puberty. Therefore, overcoming unhealthy habits requires policy-making and planning on a priority basis.

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